Traffic safety

Education and awareness raising on traffic safety for young people through the creation and use of mobile applications as a model of innovative and creative learning

The mobile application has three main categories:

Young people in traffic – with map of school in Belgrade, information on safe behavior in traffic, mistakes of young drivers, the influence of alcoholism on behavior in traffic, as well as traffic signs;

Infringement and insurance – overview of information related to compulsory travel insurance, criminal responsibility in traffic, procedure in case of a traffic accident related to the payment of damages, as well as information on penalties for traffic;

Activism – overview of information related to the safety of children in traffic and proposals of innovative models for addressing the safety of children in traffic.

The application also contains three surveys to test users’ knowledge of traffic safety.

The project funded by City Administration of the city of Belgrade, the Secretariat for Transport.

(Oktober 2015 – April 2016)